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Prescription design for men's skin with high oil content but low water content. The dense and fine creamy foam removes excess sebum that causes pimples without stripping the skin of essential moisture and cleanses it from deep within the pores. Formulated with three-phase spherical lamella, which has the same structure as the skin, using the patented technology "three-phase emulsification method". It quickly absorbs into the skin and forms a moisturizing veil that traps moisture inside the skin. Contains "Inositol" to prevent stickiness, "Dipotassium glycyrrhizate" to prevent rough skin, and "isomerized sugar" to prevent dryness. It also
contains other ingredients such as anti-glycation and moisturizing to condition the skin.
It can also be used as shaving foam.
(7 free formulations)・Ethanol-free・Paraben-free・Silicon-free・Petroleum-based surfactantfree・ Mineral oil-free・Synthetic fragrance-free・Colorant-free


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