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About Us

Shizencho Research Center Inc. is a manufacturer specializing in the development of next-generation supplements and cosmetic products that make full use of patented technology.


We make the best use of the knowledge, technology, and know-how about "beauty and health" that we have cultivated through our research, pursue safety, security, and functionality for the health of our customers, and it is easy to continue every day and realize the effects. We are developing products that can be used.


While verifying the effectiveness and safety of human health and nutritional status through exploratory research, we are developing products using ingredients extracted from naturally derived ingredients. Putting the safety and security of each customer first, we perform various evaluations on product safety, analysis and quality from the raw material level to the product level.


In addition to the high quality of Made in Japan, we will refine our unique technology and spread functional products that will change the times from Japan to the global market.


HACCP introduction (hazard analysis important control point)

It is a management standard to prevent the occurrence of hygiene hazards that occur during the food manufacturing stage.Originally developed by NASA in the United States to ensure the safety of space food, it is already obligatory for marine products, meat, etc. in the United States and EU in the world, and WHO also prepares guidelines for each food. It is an international regulation.


JIHFS health food GMP acquisition

GMP is an abbreviation for Good Manufacturing Practice and is translated as Good Manufacturing Practice.GMP certification states that the specified control standards and control methods are concretely and appropriately operated in all processes from the acceptance of raw materials for health foods to the shipment of final products, such as manufacturing control, quality control, and structural equipment. Guaranteed.


Certified by the Japan Nattokinase Association

We guarantee the scientific information of functional substances derived from natto such as vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7) and Bacillus subtilis natto, as well as the quality and safety of raw materials.


Inspection certification of Japanese organic foods

Certification of organic foods by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. It represents foods produced by the power of nature on the basis of not relying on chemical substances such as pesticides and fertilizers, and is attached to agricultural products, processed foods, feeds, livestock products and algae.

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