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NMN Kurokami (Black hair supplement)

Contains ingredients that are good for beauty and health, such as soybean extract powder, black turmeric extract powder, and β-nicotinamide mononucleotide, and are the three main ingredients that support inner care! Contains carefully selected ingredients that emphasize the process! Also, it is manufactured in a domestic GMP certified factory with safety first.


Soybean extract powder (polyamine) is an essential substance for protein synthesis and cell proliferation, and plays an important role in human life activities. Since it decreases with age, it needs to be actively ingested. Polyamines have the effect of promoting the synthesis of keratin, which is the main component of hair. NMN is a substance present in the cells of all living organisms, it decreases with age, and you can stay young by taking this product every day. Black turmeric extract powder can activate longevity gene activity, and when used together with NMN, it has the effect of doubling the effect.


Lumbugs & Nattokinase

This product has a patented ingredient "Lumbricus Rubellus" that directly dissolves fibrin, which is the source of blood plugs, a patented ingredient "Nattokinase" that works directly on blood plugs to dissolve it, and an intestinal flora that efficiently produces active quercetin. A vegetable soft capsule type blood flow improving supplement containing quercetin glycoside to be absorbed by the body, refined fish oil containing EPA, vitamin B group, vitamin E, and olive oil. The LLumbricus Rubellus, which has a plug-dissolving operation, and the Nattokinase that has been confirmed to be effective in improving the flow of blood. Smooth the flow of liquid. In addition, a support ingredient that prevents the vascular blockage is also added.

α-moyase Diet Supplement

This product is a capsule type diet supplement. Add a variety of fat-burning ingredients, including licorice extract to reduce body fat, conjugated linoleic acid to inhibit, decompose and burn fat, L-carnitine to promote fat breakdown and convert it into energy, and coenzyme Q10 to effectively burn fat, As well as metabolism-boosting alpha-lipoic acid, B vitamins, niacin, calcium pantothenate and folic acid. Flavonoids reduce body fat by two mechanisms: "promoting lipolysis" and "inhibiting synthesis".


Hight Tablet

This product is a growth supplement for children. Carefully selected ingredients necessary for growth. Shield lactic acid bacteria that work on intestinal immune cells to enhance immunity, spore-forming lactic acid bacteria that improve the intestinal environment, lactoferrin that maintains the homeostasis of the intestinal immune system, GABA/DHA/ that has the effect of improving memory and judgment. A chewable tablet type child growth supplement containing EPA, calcium lactate, seaweed calcium, and vitamin C.


Shizencho Kenkyuzyo K.K. is a manufacturer specializing in the development of next-generation supplements and cosmetic products that make full use of patented technology.


We make the best use of the knowledge, technology, and know-how about "beauty and health" that we have cultivated through our research, pursue safety, security, and functionality for the health of our customers, and it is easy to continue every day and realize the effects. We are developing products that can be used.


While verifying the effectiveness and safety of human health and nutritional status through exploratory research, we are developing products using ingredients extracted from naturally derived ingredients. Putting the safety and security of each customer first, we perform various evaluations on product safety, analysis and quality from the raw material level to the product level.

In addition to the high quality of Made in Japan, we will refine our unique technology and spread functional products that will change the times from Japan to the global market.

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